Your private theatre should be a unique, aesthetically pleasing space, expressing your personality, preferences and passions. Your theatre should be an “oasis”, an escape from the real world, a fantasy space where you can be fully immersed. Escott O. Norton takes inspiration from each client, and creates a one-of-a-kind design. 

After decades of work in the preservation and study of historic theatres, Escott draws on a wealth of experience, both in the aesthetic and practical elements of historic theatre design. 


Your theatre can be inspired by real world architectural styles, traditional theatre styles, your favorite film genres or professional sport, even a specific theatre or location. 

Your theatre can either compliment or contrast the architecture of the rest of your home: 

Art Deco, Spanish Revival, Craftsman, French Renaissance, Mid-Century Modern…the options are endless!  


Based on the what was considered fantastic and en vogue, historic theatre designs capitalized on the latest world trends and popular styles, combining multiple forms of architecture together to create a unique fantasy environment.

Chinese  -  Greek  -  Mayan -  Spanish Revival  -  Aztec  -  Egyptian  -  Japanese  -  Moorish 


Pick your favorite genre, movie, tv show, even your favorite sports team! 

Western  -  Fllm Noir  -  Sci-fi  -  50’s Monsters  -  Movie Musicals  -  Classic Animation


The artisans who sculpted and painted the gorgeous interiors of historic theatre sometimes immortalized the owners or celebrities in the details.Your custom theatre could include family, friends, or favorite celebrities, it is up to you!


Escott works with the same artisans responsible for restorations of century old movie palaces, bringing that same level of craftsmanship to your home. Custom plasterwork, fine wood finishes, gold leafing, hand painted murals and faux finishes, even custom carpet, lighting, and furniture design can be utilized to create your personalized home theatre environment.

Paint, plaster, and gilding finishes by KC Restoration

Label 21

Sculpture by Bryan Moore

Label 2

Paint, plaster and gilding finishes by KC Restoration

Sculpture by Bryan Moore

Sculpture by Chris Hopkinss

Label 9

Paint, plaster, and gilding finishes bt Amy Higgins

Label 7

Sculpture by Chris Hopkins 

Paint, plaster and gilding finishes by Amy Higgins


EON Design Co. can collaborate with your technologist or recommend companies to help you select and install the finest state of the art audio and projection equipment. Our goal is to provide you with the best theatrical experience possible in the comfort of your own home!


A sampling of some of the artisans and suppliers that we work with and recommend:


If you have any questions about our services and how EON Design Co can create a unique theatre just for you, please contact us at (323) 459-5005 or email at

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