:: Design Philosophy
Whether it’s a dramatic Contemporary, comfortable Craftsman, romantic Spanish Revival—or anything in between—EON Design's custom homes are built to be:
  • An extension of their owners, with a highly personal, distinct character—as well as an engaging combination of function, beauty and warmth.
  • An architecturally and aesthetically sensitive part of the environment and community
  • A delight to all the senses—with amazing attention to detail— crafted by true artisans with decades of experience
Ultimately, we’re an innovative, quality design and build firm committed to the core principle Good Design Transcends Culture and Time.

     :: Inspiration
A broad range of influences shape our philosophy and the homes we design and build:
  • We begin with the land itself, including the existing native trees and surrounding community. It is literally the foundation of good design—just look at Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright residential masterpiece.
  • Historic Architecture from around the world, which often combines a beautiful warmth and romance.
  • The Brothers Greene and Greene with their intuitive grasp of Feng Shui form and flow
  • Rudolf Schindlerís modernist space-planning concepts
  • Classical Architecture with its warmth and romance
  • Older Styles + Contemporary Space Planning, an exciting blend when thoughtfully combined

:: Escott O. Norton, President

EON Design President Escott O. Norton brings a special, personal feel to the homes he designs and builds. As a fourth-generation custom home developer, he draws on a wealth of experience and understanding of the entire process. In fact, starting with his great-grandfather James C. Norton in the 1920s, the Norton family has developed—and even hand-built—custom homes throughout the Southern California and Arizona regions.

In addition, Escottís 20+ years of movie and commercial production design expertise makes him a master at directing the eye and more. "Using the specialized design language of film makers, my goal is always to create a highly personal and functional space with an unforgettable personality."


:: Affiliations
National Trust for Historic Preservation, member
L.A. Conservancy, member
English Heritage, member
Theater Historical Society of America, member
Friends of the Rialto, past president
Highland Park Neighborhood Association, past president
The Eagle Rock Association, member
Chevy Chase Estates Association, member
Glendale Historical Society, member
Mountaingate Heights Architectural Review Board, past president

"There are just too many 4,000-5,000-square ft. homes that are poorly laid out and waste a lot of square footage. With better design you can get more "home" in less space!"
— Escott O. Norton